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Changing consumer culture
Upgrade instead of complete replacement is in line with EU initiatives to reduce waste by changing the “use-and-throw-away” culture.

Exalight solutions creates substantial environmental and financial savings by upgrading existing hardware, and at the same time generates greener and cheaper future operation.




Information : Description
Model and Luminaire Artno. : Exalight Cph Insert LED LN30106
Warranty : 5 years
Expected minimum : 100.000 hours
Effects : Max 10.500 lumen
Watt usage : 5 – 75w
Brutto lumen pr. watt : 90-130 @ 4000K
Driver current : 375 mA @ 240 Volt for 90 Watt
Supply voltage : 80- 240 v
Main frequency : 50-60 Hz
Power factor : cos 0,92 – 0,99 from 88% to full load
Trancient protection : 10kv
Class/ IP / IK : II / IP 67 with semi-permeable vent / IK 09
Constant lum. output : Yes
Cooling : Crp I
Life-span loss : L80B10 @ 100000 hours
No. of led´s : 391-663
Ra-value : >80
Color index (Kelvin) : 3000-5000 K (standard 4000 K)
Dimensions : Diameter ø380mm, 74mm / ø462mm, 74 mm (363/361)
Wire/Connector : Standard 0,5 m with connector/ Or on demand
Weight : Sgs363/361 – 1,9/2,3 kg
Material : Polycarbonate (pc)
Tg : -30 to +85 celcius
Communication : On demand
Dimming : GPS chipped 8 hours (50%) or on-demand Remote or on-site dimming on demand
Color stability : @ sdcm 3-4

Product benefits


Savings when compared to conventional LED solutions Cooler operation technology with below advantages:
• Less energy converted to heat means better energy to lumen conversion
• Low heat abrasion means longer lifetime Cost-efficient upgrade of existing lamp shells
• Enables on-site retrofit and upgrade to a new CE marked modern lamp.

Exalight ApS Hejreskovvej 15 DK-3490 Kvistgaard Denmark Tel +45 4011 4995

The product is produced in conformity with ISO 9001/CENELEC standards.

The final upgraded lamp product is compliant with the relevant European Union harmonization legislation and is CE-marked accordingly.

The use of Exalight LED inserts to upgrade older existing luminaires, is a cost-efficient, greener way of providing road and street light.

Exalight provide compliant retrofit solutions which enable substantial energy savings and exploits existing lamp hardware. The lifetime energy savings and total cost of ownership by upgrading existing lamp shells is a substantial benefit both economically and environmentally.

Exalight retrofit solutions are self-contained, closed according to IP 67 and replaces all existing electronics and wiring with a greener, lighter and smarter replacement insert.

Docref: Product specification-LN30106-2019061-1.3 © Exalight 2018


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