Exalight, a Danish company establish in 2014, specialized in Street Light Business, supplying:

Exalight products provide both LED street light luminaires, customized LED inserts (for retrofit in existing luminaries) and smart lighting control systems that can control and manage new LEDs and adapt to existing luminaires. Our Smart lightning solution CityVision, is an Open Source IOT Smart City solution that is designed for controlling and managing luminaries enabling integration with any sensor / control unit, that is connected over different communication channels, to a cloud based or local hosted server. CityVision are all based on open sources and can easily be configured and customized to fit different customer requirements.

Exalight aim to deliver state of the art flexible technology where energy efficiency and optimization and high quality is in focus. In addition, Exalight is specialized in custom designs for integrating a variety of luminaries and sensors into our controlling and management software, ‘CityVision’.

Exalight also have strong focus on reducing heat development while reducing power consumption, which today makes it possible to keep the temperature on ambient plus apx. 20 degrees Celsius.  As we say, Dont make Heat, Make Light ! This further enabled installation of our electronics in totally enclosed and waterproof units and further more to be adapted into any existing device due to the fact that costly heat dissipation structures used by competitors, were not necessary anymore.

We welcome you to contact us for more information.

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