Sales, warranty and delivery terms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing are listed in the order, the following sales -delivery- and warranty terms apply.

  • Exalight ApS offers and job confirmation is essential if the buyer and seller happens disagreements with the buyer’s order.
  • All prices are in Danish kroner and is exclusive. VAT and other taxes.
  • All materials that are entrusted to Exalight ApS, will be carefully handled and stored. Exalight ApS endeavor prompt delivery and compliance with agreed delivery dates. For goods supplied by Exalight ApS, ownership will remain at the seller until the full payment has been made.
  • When price changes Exalight ApS is not obligated to inform the buyer. Exalight ApS cast deals valid for 30 days, after which sells bedding can cost regulate prices.
  • External installers cannot invoice to Exalight ApS. Any mounting assumption have to be made collectively, but can by accept from Exalight ApS be made in several stages. If Exalight ApS hired personal applied to waiting time, extra work, extra transport, accommodation, missing work at unloading, the buyer will be billed separately for any time current hourly rate. The assembly process does not include removal of soil, restoration of coating, etc.
  • Exalight ApS can postpone mounting work due to weather condition, without being charged to the subject of.
  • If a product supplied by Exalight ApS, causing injury or loss is Exalight ApS liability is limited as follows: For damage to property is Exalight ApS liability is limited to the value of the defective goods, not to exceed DKK. 10.000, – per claim. For injury is Exalight ApS liability is limited to DKK 10,000, – per claim.
  • Exalight ApS total liability for damage cannot exceed DKK 10,000, – per claim.
  • Exalight ApS is not responsible for loss, loss of time, loss of profit, on the buyer’s products.

Exalight ApS is not responsible for loss, loss of time, loss of profit, on the buyer’s products.

  • Exalight ApS is only liable for personal injury if it is proved that the damage was caused by negligence on part of Exalight ApS or others who are responsible for it.
  • Exalight ApS is not liable for damage to real or personal property occurring while the sold is in the buyers possession. Exalight ApS is not responsible for damage to products manufactured by the buyer or to products of which they are contained. Moreover, Exalight ApS is liable for damage to real and personal property on the same terms as for personal injury. Exalight ApS is not responsible for loss of earnings or other indirect losses. To the extent that Exalight ApS incurs liability to third parties, the buyer is obliged to keep Exalight ApS harmless to the same extent as Exalight ApS liability is limited under the three preceding paragraphs. These limitations in the third party shall submit a claim against either party for liability under this clause, this party shall immediately inform Exalight ApS and the buyer are mutually obliged to let themselves be summoned to the court or arbitral tribunal which examines claims made against one of them on the basis of damage allegedly caused by the goods sold.
  • When errors or defects in Exalight ApS products, the buyer within 8 days make Exalight ApS attention to that. Then it is the seller’s option, to either return the goods – repair the product or provide an appropriate reduction in the purchase price. Products which has been through external repair is not covered by Exalight warranty.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Marketing Act.
  • There is a 5 year warranty on all deliveries of manufacturing defects. Where the seller chooses subcontractor is its insurance in force.
  • There is a 5 year warranty on LEDs and promised light output below 80% of described in the current case. Where the seller chooses subcontractor is its insurance in force.
  • Exalight ApS warranty is not going beyond the supplier’s guarantee to Exalight ApS.
  • Any disputes between the seller and the buyer shall be settled by the Danish courts in Exalight ApS domiciled in Elsinore.
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